Some short details about myself

name: Heidrun Parsian

born : in Hamburg / Germany

place of residence: Bargteheide / Germany


languages: German, English and  Spanish


I am an artist since more than 20 years in

- painting

- design of mask figures / costumes and work out

- dance performance

- founder and leader of a mask dancing group  



   I am always learning and ambitiously improving my creative work.




Kiss-Proof ( Kussecht) - Bee & Red Flax

My Inspirations - reflecting nature and the character of cats ...

Nala sitting in the green cabbage
Resting on a green pillow
Always Nosy (Cat & Springrose)
Not really comfortable but the best place to watch strange situations
A Truly Funny Waterreflection Of A Tree ( seen at Tremsbüttel / Schloßpark )
Everything Is So Exciting (cat on a tree)


Neue Bilder

Ich habe meine Galerie aktualisiert! Viel Spaß!